Music Review:

"Kna-Lo Venge, an artist from Queens, New York moved 3000 miles away to Los Angeles, California. Why? Maybe there's something in the water because Kna-Lo has released a single WHAT WOULD I SAY (dedicated to his mother that passed away recently) that immediately sets him apart. It sounds futuristic but makes you reminisce at the same time. The lyrics would make TUPAC proud. The style is flawless and Kna-Lo's sincerity touches the heart, mind and, soul all at the same time (again, something only Tupac could do). As a music enthusiast I'm ecstatic! I understand that he's still recording but the songs that I received completely blew me away. With respect to his contemporaries, Kna-Lo is on another level. Perhaps it's his Queens upbringing, perhaps it's his intelligence, talent, I don't know but his music is revolutionary, edgy and, important. But what truly sets him apart is his range. From "BABY LET ME RAPE YOU" to "NEW" to "WHAT WOULD I SAY" Kna-Lo Venge goes from sex to politics to grief with seamless fluidity. He pulls it all off because he himself embodies all of those things at once. Physically, he looks like a sex symbol, speaking to him he sounds like a scholar and listening to his music is poetry in motion. The beautiful part of it all is that he doesn't take himself too seriously, his sense of humor is shockingly refreshing. How he isn't on a major label boggles the mind, they should be throwing money at him! My advice to music lovers is to get firmly behind this artist and support him completely."

Dan Epstein, Journalist & NY Times bestselling author.

Introducing "Kna-Lo" Fourth Quarter, bringing back the flavor of "Real Hip-Hop"

By ChellaMagee  |  Posted April 11, 2011  


Kna-Lo, a fresh blend of New York Hip-Hop flava, to satisfy the listeners thirst for realness!

Kna-lo is on the way to becoming amusical icon. He’s worked with & produced such artists as Big Pun,  AZ, Nore, Akinyele, Royal Flush, Capone, M.O.P., Boot Camp, & Lil’  Scrappy. Kna-lo has appeared in music videos with Wu-Tang & LordRock


Kna-Lo (pronounced na-lo) is the founding member and leader of "4thQuarter", a fresh blend of hip-hop styles from different artists eachbringing their own lyrical content and flavor of hip-hop to the public.  Kna-lo defines his music as a throwback to all that was and IS good inHip Hop.  He originates from New York City, the birth place of Hip Hopand hopes to set a standard in the music industry.  "KnaLo does Hip-Hopas if it were written in his DNA"

Kna-lo is currently working on tracks for Avatar 2 and Fast andFurious Five, as well as several music licensing projects.  Morerecently, he has music tracks that can be heard on MTV, Bridezillas, TheMillionaire Matchmaker, My Sweet Sixteen and 2009-2010 Hottest MC InThe Game.  As you can see this is an artist working hard to become anindustry icon. Kna-lo is embarking on a solo project and his goal is todevelop his own artists, but he’s not stopping there.  He is currentlypartnered with legendary producer, D/R Period and Rockboy Records.  "Ifwe were together this is how it would be, just give me a CHANCE" (quotefor the song "Chance" Produced by D/R Period). This is a joining of twoof the most talented movers & shakers of today's industry! You canexpect nothing but "Greatness" to come from this union.

He just released a new video called "Bring The Car Around" whichfeatures "Majest" fourth quarter. This is a hot dance track for all thelate night party people. The chemistry between the two artists isamazing. Majest's style compliments Kno-Lo's talents and adds that extrasexiness to the video.