Full mini-concert performance by Kna-Lo Venge & The Connect! 3 Songs KEEP IT MOVIN, SEX BOOM BANK BUGATTI the remix, BETTER THAN GOOD! Written, produced, arranged and performed by Kna-Lo Venge & The Connect! For more info please visit KNALOVENGE.COM FNG Productions FNG Media TMG Film and Eccentric

Keep It Movin' the debut single from The Connect. Pop duo from Queens NY & Los Angeles, CA Keep your head up no matter what, brush your shoulder off and kick ass! Kna-Lo Productions & FNG Productions FNG Media TMG Film and Eccentric TV

It's the REMIX! We had to come for the streets! Hardcore hip-hop for the purists! The title says it all! SEX BOOM BANK BUGATTI (remix)

Fresh, raw, real, rap for the hood! Kna-Lo does it Again!


1st single from the MEGA album SCOPE, produced by platinum producer SPK, Baby Love is a song about young love and how real and serious it is and should be taken!!


LYRIC VIDEO LYRIC VIDEO The new single from the Brand New DREAM POP duo The Connect! Queens, NY meets Los Angeles, CA. No matter the issue, keep it movin! "Can't get caught up in the bullshit" Visit KNALOVENGE.COM FOR MORE INFO AND TO DOWNLOAD THIS SONG! #ITUNES


"A man spends his day being stalked by a mysterious figure, only to realize that the only way to get rid of him is to take him head on" The 1st single from the Kna-Lo Venge album KLV. Please like comment and share!


New Hip-Hop fro Kna-Lo Venge! If I can't eat it, drink it, shoot it or fuck it, I don't want it!


B-side to KEEP IT MOVIN' by The Connect.  Inspired by the sci-fi film Dune, Melange (spice addiction) is an amazing dreamy, cool track! Available at KNALOVENGE.COM and everywhere you stream & purchase downloads



The 1st single from 4th Quarter! 

The premier rap group, exclusively found at KNALOVENGE.COM

We were really looking forward to destroying THE FIRM but they didn't want it!

Hip-Hop for the purest!

The NFL Anthem by Kna-Lo Venge!!! As heard on the HBO Owen Smith comedy special! Curated, Certified and available for licensing!


Kna-Lo Venge: HOOD BUILT feat. Royal Flush and The LeFrak City Crew. Queens Get The Money!!! Raw, real hardcore, gangsta, street shit from authentic GOONS! On the SCOPE album Available on all digital platforms and outlets!


Gangsta Baby by Kna-Lo Venge feat. ROYAL FLUSH & The LeFrak City Crew REAL HIP-HOP!!!


Stretching my legs and expressing my love for dance music! The track was given to me from SPK the reggaeton pioneer and platinum hit maker. (Capone & Noreaga, Daddy Yankee, Big Pun etc.) Even though we both are primarily known for hip-hop we are huge music lovers and are moving in different directions.


What Would I Say? Official- Dedicated to my recently deceased mother. Written, Produced, Arranged and Performed by Kna-Lo Venge & Billboard Sha. Available for Download & Stream now! KNALOVENGE.COM


Women get jaded and bitter from bad relationships and I get it! All men aren't the same just like all women aren't the same. The right person is out there for you if you keep your heart open! This song is about that!


I'm an artist, that's all I know...

Kna-Lo Venge